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Premium European Aspen Cladding – Heat Treated

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The Premium European Aspen – Heat Treated, in both 68mm x 15mm and 90mm x 15mm profiles, is a perfect selection for those seeking a fusion of environmental responsibility, minimalist elegance, and enduring performance in their sauna construction.

Walls, Ceiling


The Premium European Aspen – Heat Treated, available in profile sizes of 68mm x 15mm and 90mm x 15mm, is an exceptional choice for constructing high-quality saunas. This top-grade wood, sourced from Europe’s sustainable forests, combines aesthetic refinement, durability, and an eco-conscious approach.

Key Features:

  • Variety in Profile Sizes: Offered in two sizes – 68mm wide by 15mm thick, and 90mm wide by 15mm thick, these profiles cater to diverse design needs and structural requirements for sauna interiors.
  • Heat Treatment Process: The Aspen undergoes a specialized heat treatment, significantly enhancing its resilience against the humid and high-temperature conditions typical in saunas.
  • Aesthetic Quality: European Aspen is known for its light colour and smooth, uniform texture, imparting a clean, serene, and modern look to your sauna.
  • Enhanced Durability: Heat treatment not only improves the wood’s resistance to moisture and temperature variations but also increases its overall lifespan in sauna environments.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Sourced responsibly from European forests, this wood choice supports ecological stewardship.
  • Health and Safety: With no chemical treatments, Premium European Aspen is a naturally safe option for sauna users, free from any harmful substances.
  • Dimensional Stability: The heat-treated Aspen maintains its shape and size, resisting warping and shrinking effectively, even under fluctuating conditions.
  • Easy Maintenance: Known for its low maintenance requirements, it continues to preserve its beauty and functionality over time with minimal care.

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