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Custom Built Saunas

SDS Australia specialises in manufacturing, construction and installation of custom built saunas. We also stock a wide range of sauna accessories available for purchase with fast delivery in Australia and to New Zealand.

We design and build traditional hot rocks/stones, infrared, hybrid (infrared + traditional), indoor and outdoor saunas for private usage at your home or public and commercial saunas for hotels, strata apartments, gyms and swimming centres. All photos that you see on our website is our own work created over many years!

SDS Australia

Custom Built Indoor Sauna

SDS Australia™ builds custom saunas exactly to your specification and in your preferred location. Our custom saunas can be constructed in any size and shape and personalised to your liking!

Building your sauna with us is real fun! You can select from various types of timber, outside and inside stone cladding, custom size benches, grills, backrests, lighting styles and heaters. You can even furnish your sauna with full glass door or traditional wooden door to enhance the olden-days atmosphere, or go with a modern feel.

Whether you are a private individual looking for a high-quality sauna, or a commercial client needing to build a new indoors sauna or to renovate your old sauna, you can rely on SDS Australia™ to deliver a sharp product at competitive price!

SDS Australia

Custom Built Outdoor Sauna

Whether it’s a genuine Finnish sauna enjoyment that you are after that was traditionally consisting of a separate outdoors building, or a more contemporary type such as the Infrared, we’ve got you covered! What’s more, we can combine the two technologies in our Hybrid option too, so you can use Infrared one day and traditional ‘hot rocks’ heater the other. And of course the heater can be your preference with either electric or wood fired.

Experience the sensation of the fresh evening breeze with SDS Australia custom built outdoor saunas!

Your outdoor sauna can be built in accordance with your specification, wishes and the budget!

You can choose different type of materials for external walls: traditional timber from Premium Western Red Cedar panels or “budget” knotty weatherboard, painted siding board to match with existing building, stone or vinyl cladding. Your roof can be made from shingles or corrugated metal. Your sauna appearance is up to you with double glazed windows, or even a full front wall covered in glass. Additional sauna features like a changing room, veranda or just a deck for relaxation after can also be designed.

Whether it’s next to your swimming pool, in your garden, or in the middle of a forest, our quality outdoor sauna will deliver you years of genuine enjoyment.

SDS Australia

Prefabricated Sauna

All our prefabricated panelled saunas are made at SDS Australia’s factory located in Nowra, NSW.

Our saunas are made from quality timber such as Northern Spruce or Canadian Western red Cedar with a strong lasting frame, mineral wool and aluminium foil inside the wall panels, high-quality solid benches, and are equipped with Finnish made Harvia heaters. Although other heaters can be ordered if required.

Prefab panelled saunas are easy to assemble: every sauna is delivered complete with clear instructions. So you can assemble the sauna yourself, or use one of our trained professional installers.

The sauna can be installed anywhere indoors or outdoors.

Prefab panelled saunas built in accordance with your specification in any size, timber, shape…

We also sell DIY kit sauna models from top European manufacturers. Visit our Saunas for sale page and explore available models.

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