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DIY Sauna, Build Your Own Sauna

Looking to build your own sauna? We have not forgotten the DIY enthusiasts either – we offer a large range of timber for sauna construction and quality sauna accessories from European suppliers. You can purchase heaters, doors, various raw timber, wood panels for walls or timber for benches, lighting equipment and various sauna accessories. We can also manufacture custom sauna parts such as benches, grills, backrests, or non-standard doors or windows for your sauna. 

Whether it’s DIY infrared sauna and you need the panels or a steam room that you are building and you need a way to heat it up, we’ve got you covered. What’s more we can help by preparing a custom DIY sauna kit together that caters to your particular needs. So get in touch so we can provide you with guidance and assistance in building your own dream sauna!

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