Check out the sauna we’ve built for the Blue Mountains Sauna in this video clip.

Some of our work over the last 20 years. Want something even more custom? Just ask!

Private indoor sauna

Chiswick, NSW. Indoor sauna in garage”s storage room. Walls and benches  – Western Red Cedar
LED strip light

Indoor sauna private sauna

Vaucluse, NSW   Western Red Cedar decor panels on the walls and ceiling. Shadowline gap on ceiling perimeter for the LED strip light. Curved  “wave” design benches in two levels. Full glass front wall with glass door.

Fitness Centre

Sth. Coogee NSW. Complex of two saunas and infrared sauna.
  Western Red Cedar on the walls and benches. Glass doors.

Sauna for outback

  Sauna with changing/rest area  built in 10′ sea shipping container.  European Spruce lining boards, European Aspen  benches, wood burning heater.  LED strip lights in sauna and rest area. Lockable, relocatable, low maintenance, independent for power (can be used solar light)  

Outdoor sauna

Armidale NSW. Private outdoor sauna . Timber for walls – log European Spruce 45 mm
Benches – African Abachi. Corrugated metal roof, moisture treated base with wooden floor inside the sauna.
Insulated sauna door with insert glass.

Private indoor sauna

Manly, NSW. Walls: Marble, European Aspen stained by Tikkurilla sauna wax,
Natural European Aspen for benches. Front wall – glass. Heater – Harvia Cilindro.

Indoor sauna in bathroom

Berry, South Coast NSW.
 Sauna in the bathroom, Western Red Cedar paneling, full glass front wall with door, Heater CILINDRO with external control panel.

Private indoor sauna

Bronte NSW.
Sauna in backyard cabin – Western Red Cedar inside and outside, custom insulated door with insert glass.

Strata complex sauna refurbishment

The Bennelong Apartments sauna refurbishment at Sydney’s Circular Quay. Included a full demolition of the existing sauna and construction of new walls, benches, and a new custom made sauna door. New sauna electric equipment from Harvia including heater, control panel and lights.

Small sauna in bathroom

Woronora NSW.
Indoor sauna in the bathroom. Western Red Cedar panelling, LED light.
Removable freestanding low bench. WiFi device – music, mobile phone connections – good for busy people.

Private outdoor sauna with pool room

Wonoona NSW. 
Sauna in Western Red Cedar, LED light, double glazing window. Pool machinery room  –  Pine paneling wall and ceiling.
Hardwood decking with step. 

Indoor private sauna in cottage

Snowy Mountain NSW.  European Spruce externally and European Aspen – internally. Corner light, wooden door with insulation and insert glass.

Private outdoor sauna

Marrickville NSW. Small (1500×1300 mm externally ). Located on concrete blocks. Western Red Cedar weatherboard externally and European Spruce inside. Full glass door.

Private sauna with changing room

Little Bay NSW. Externally – Canadian vinyl cladding with foam, Internally – European Aspen. Glass doors, two double glazing windows, natural rocks inserted behind the heater. Decking on front and hardwood flooring inside the sauna. 

Private outdoor sauna

Wonoona NSW. Western Red Cedar externally and European Aspen internally.
   Treated base with floor, insulated wooden door with insert glass.
  Sauna built in a tight place with high inside 1800 mm, 2000 mm deep and 1400 mm width.

Private sauna in bedroom

Killara NSW. Internal and external timber -European Aspen.
     Full glass door and double glazing window. 

Private outdoor sauna in existing shed

Wollongong NSW. Corner door design, L-shape benches. European Spruce wall timber and European Aspen

Private outdoor sauna

Nowra South Coast. Canadian vinyl cladding with foam externally and Western Red Cedar Internally.
  “Face to Face” design of benches, natural stone insert behind the heater. LED light. 

Private indoor sauna in bathroom

Kiama NSW. European Aspen timber on the walls and benches.
  Window and full glass door.

Private outdoor sauna with changing room

Newcastle. NSW. Western Red Cedar inside and outside.
Double glazing window, glass door. Harvia Cilindro with remote activating.

Outdoor private sauna

Campbelltown, NSW.   European Spruce Log timber sauna. Moisture treated basement with hardwood floor. Wood burning heater. LED strip lighting.Oil painted.

Private indoor sauna

Woollahra. NSW.  Existing storage room under stairs converted into sauna internal size 2600 *1400 mm
Western Red Cedar paneling, benches – heattreated European Aspen, Heater Harvia CILINDRO trough low bench.
Natural rocks insert. LED lights.

Indoor sauna

Canberra. ACT, Private sauna build for special order: for insulation we made special  mats in sealed aluminium pillows
This method of insulation we doing  for allergic or sensitive to any smell/dust/fibra people, All interior in sauna made from
Natural European Aspen (common tree family Poplar), the best and “healthiest” timber for sauna detoxification 
Soft LED light, speakers under benches – good addition for relaxation in this sauna.

Private sauna in existing storage room

Tamarama, NSW.  Existing storage room in garage converted into sauna. Western Red Cedar panels on walls.Heat treated European Aspen timber used for benches. LED strip light. Heater – Harvia CILINDRO.

Freestanding sauna in garage

Bronte, NSW. Private freestanding sauna in garage with side storage room. Full glass door and big double glazing window on front.Western Red Cedar paneling inside and outside
LED lighting.

Existing room converted into sauna

Kilara, NSW.  Private sauna in house nearly 100 years old in room with a lot of existing windows. Western Red Cedar paneling and benches, non rectangular double glazing window, Led light, full glass door.

Private outdoor sauna

Rose Bay, NSW. Private outdoor sauna installed on decking next to the pool. External and internal Western Red Cedar panels, benches – Heat treated European Aspen.Full glass door and double glazing window on front. Corrugated metal roof matched with existing.

Public male and female saunas in Fitness Club

Rose Hill, NSW. Male and female saunas made in Western Red Cedar walls and benches, Tinted full glass doors, LED strip lighting. Safety system: fire sprinklers, emergency power stop buttons.

Sauna on balcony

Sydney NSW. Private sauna on balcony for two person.
Western Red Cedar inside and outside. Full glass door and double glazing window.
LED light behind bench.

Private sauna with two glass wall

Northbridge NSW. Private sauna. Western Red Cedar walls and benches. 
L – shape 10 mm toughened glass walls and door. LED strip light. Heater – Harvia CILINDRO

Private sauna with part glass wall

Caringbah , NSW. Wall and ceiling – European Aspen, benches – European Aspen
Part of front wall – 10 mm toughened glass with glass door. Heater – Harvia CILINDRO

Full sauna refurbishment

Sydney, NSW.  Full refurbishment of female sauna in Shangri- La Hotel Demolition of existing interior, cleaning ,re-wiring, new framing.
Premium Western Red Cedar paneling for walls and ceiling, LED lighting

Freestanding indoor sauna

Ulladulla NSW.  Indoor sauna size 2000×1700 mm, Premium European Pine paneling internally and externally.
Abachi wood for benches. LED strip lighting. Wooden floor 

Outdoor sauna

Wollongong, NSW. Private outdoor sauna  on backyard.
External paneling – Premium Western Red Cedar, hardwood decking
glass door, double glazing window. Internally   –  Premium Western Red Cedar paneling

Indoor sauna

Coogee, NSW  Small sauna under stairs 1200×900 mm
 Internal walls – Premium European Pine, bench – Abachi
Full glass door, external panels – Western Red Cedar

Outdoor sauna on backyard

NSW Castle Hill. Outdoor sauna on backyard.
Canadian Vinyl Cladding with foam externally ( Low maintenance material – no painting,oiling or staining with  lifetime warranty)
Premium European Spruce and Abachi – internally.

Indoor sauna with changing room on basement

NSW Maroubra. Indoor sauna with changing room on basement.
Western Red Cedar panels on the wall and ceiling and for contrast light color benches in Abachi. Insert natural rocks behind heater. Harvia Heater – tower with big amount of rocks. Changing room – decorative stained wooden panels

Outdoor private sauna

Sunshine Coast. QLD. Outdoor sauna on balcony. Premium Western Red Cedar paneling inside and outside. Double glazing windows, full glass door. Woodburning heater. LED strip light. Manufactured on factory company, delivered and assembled on site

Indoor public sauna in gym

Wollongong NSW. Indoor public sauna in GYM. European Spruce timber wall and ceiling and for contrast Termotreated European Spruce benches, backrests. LED strip lighting and light  additional under benches.

Outdoor sauna

Gerringong NSW, Premium Western Red Cedar panels. Two double glazing windows and full glass door. Colorbond roof with gutter

Outdoor sauna with rest/changing room

Highlands, NSW, Western Red Cedar weatherboard, internally for sauna European Spruce and for changing room premium Western Red Cedar paneling. Colorbond roof

Outdoor sauna

The Oaks, NSW. Framed, insulation, thermotreated European Spruce external panels and natural European Spruce internally

European Spruce log timber sauna

Wollongong NSW. European Spruce log sauna 90*45 mm, double glazing windows, metal roof with matched colour with house. WRC decoration panel insert behind heater.

Outdoor sauna

Melbourne, VIC. Private outdoor sauna with changing room. Western Red Cedar panel internal and external.

Indoor sauna

Kelliville,NSW. Private indoor sauna. WRC “shadow line” panels, front glass wall with glass door.

Indoor Public sauna

Botany NSW. Indoor Public sauna in Fitness center. WRC panels.

Indoor private sauna

Rose Bay, NSW. Indoor private sauna . WRC panels, glass front wall and side full glass door.

Private sauna in penthouse

Cronulla, NSW. Private sauna in penthouse. European Aspen “wave” design panels and Abachi benches.

Outdoor private sauna

Dural, NSW. Outdoor private sauna . WRC internal panel, glass front panel with glass door

Indoor private sauna

Dural, NSW. Indoor private sauna . European Spruce panels and Abachi timber benches.”Face to face ” benches design.

Outdoor private sauna

Congo, NSW. Outdoor private sauna . Internal European Aspen wall panels, Abachi benches.External – corrigated iron panels.

Indoor Private sauna

Canberra, ACT. Indoor Private sauna. European Spruce wall panels, Abachi benches,full glass door, light under benches.

Outdoor private sauna

Berry, NSW. Outdoor private sauna . European Spruce wall panels, Abachi benches, glass front wall and door, “cathedral” ceiling.

Outdoor private sauna

Campbelltown, NSW. Outdoor private sauna. External Western Red Cedar panel. Western Red Cedar internal panel and benches.LED light, rocks insert.

Prefabricated modular outdoor sauna

Camden, NSW. Prefabricated modular outdoor sauna with changing room.External – marine plywood, paint. Internal – European Spruce wall panels, Abachi benches.

Log timber 90*45 mm outdoor sauna

South Coast, NSW. Log timber 90*45 mm outdoor sauna with verandah. European Spruce timber, clear oil protection externally.

Sauna refurbishment

Sydney, NSW. Full refurbishment of male sauna in Star Casino, Darling Harbour.

Sauna refurbishment

Sydney, NSW. Full refurbishment of female sauna in Star Casino, Darling Harbour.

Outdoor freestanding sauna

Engadine, NSW. Private outdoor freestanding sauna. Western Red Cedar weatherboard /sawn/ external.

Outdoor freestanding sauna

Dural, NSW. Private outdoor freestanding sauna with decking. External – Siding panel, paint matched with house’s color

Freestanding outdoor sauna

Rockdale, NSW. Private freestanding outdoor sauna with storage room. Western Red Cedar panel externally, full glass door. Internally – Western Red Cedar panels, Abachi benches.

Outdoor undercover sauna

Vaucluse NSW. Private outdoor undercover sauna with shower on side.Externally – Western Red Cedar panels, oil cover. Internally – Western Red Cedar wall panels, benches

Private outdoor sauna

Coogee, NSW. Private outdoor sauna with storage, double glazing window. Western Red Cedar external panels, oil protection. Internal – Western Red Cedar wall panels and benches

Indoor public saunas

St.Maris, NSW. Male and Female indoor public saunas in Fitness Center. WRC wall panels and benches, LED strip ligts.

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