Saunas for Sale – from Leading European Manufacturers!

See the full stock at Harvia and Auroom as we can ship any of their quality European made pre-built saunas to Australia and New Zealand! Or let us design and build a very special custom sauna just for you!

Why Harvia?

With any Harvia saunas you can expect quality craftsmanship, a well thought-through design and many years of frequent use as these saunas made in Finland are built to last. Harvia being the global leader in the sauna market stands by its reputation, the warranty and the service! We quite often have customers coming back to us to buy a Harvia sauna after they’ve bought a cheap look-alike that created nothing but trouble. Just a word of advice from SDS Australia is to ask ‘Where is it made?’ before you commit to buying a sauna.

Nativa by Auroom

Price: $15,500 + GST

In Stock

Available for a quick delivery

Type: Indoor, Traditional Hot-Rocks, Electric

This quality traditional hot-rocks sauna is imported from Europe by SDS Australia for its quality build and amazing architectural looks.

Nativa is a traditional Finnish sauna with simplicity and rationality. It is designed to instil a sense of calm and tranquillity, and is built by top craftsmen utilising quality materials and parts including time-tested Harvia hot-rocks electric VEGA heater.

“We call it Nativa because we want the space to feel like it matches your home. Its strong relief wall panels give you a sense of safety and the comforting feeling that you belong.”

Nativa traditional sauna is designed by a well known Italian architect Luca Donazzolo.

Dimensions: 2000W x 1500H

Finishes: European Aspen

Heater: Harvia VEGA BC80E (heater with external control panel)

See more information at Auroom

SDS Australia

Harvia Legend Sauna

Why Harvia?

Price: $34,600 + GST

Stock is on its way

Type: Outdoor/Indoor, Traditional Hot-Rocks, Electric

Available in: Right-handed version SHL3499 (as seen in pictures) and Left-handed version SHL3499L.

Harvia Legend sauna honors old Finnish traditions and includes all the elements that make sauna and sauna-bathing beyond relaxing and magical. The dark interior of the Harvia Legend sauna makes a cozy atmosphere where you want to enjoy the silence while soft steam nourishes your skin. The large and spectacular panoramic window offers endless opportunities to enjoy the scenery while taking a sauna.

The sauna comes as a ready-made on-site module, with plug-and-play electricity connections. The Legend sauna includes pre-installed, atmospheric LED lights and liftable benches which makes cleaning the sauna easy. This luxurious sauna includes Harvia Legend heater (Legend Pro PE11, 11 kW). Available in: Right-handed version SHL3499 (as seen in pictures) and Left-handed version SHL3499L.

Dimensions: 2250W x 2300D x 2550H

See more information at Harvia

Infrared Cabin Spectrum Small

Why Harvia?

Price: $ 12,747 + GST

Stock is on its way

Available for a quick delivery

Type: Indoor, Infrared

The Spectrum small is a two-person infrared cabin designed with a contemporary feel in mind. The modern exterior complements the hemlock interior, and you will experience luxury inside with the extra-large carbon crystal heater panels. Seven heating panels will heat your body from within using infrared rays, which are low on the EMF scale. You can dim the lights or change their colour, listen to your favourite music using the Bluetooth speakers, or simply relax against the ergonomic backrest. Adjust the temperature, time, and more with the digital control panel.

Dimensions: 1350W x 1050D x 1950H

See more information at Harvia

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