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Step into a world of unparalleled warmth and rejuvenation, brought to you by the finest European manufacturers.

From our new ThermoBarrel Sauna to the contemporary elegance of the Garda by Auroom, we’ve curated an exquisite range of pre-built saunas and easy-to-assemble kits just for you. Relish the Finnish craftsmanship of Harvia, a leading European brand, with their renowned Legend and Spectrum Infrared Saunas.

Choose quality, choose luxury, choose Europe’s best. Your oasis of serenity awaits.

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Introducing the NEW ThermoBarrel Sauna Range

Made In Europe

Expertly crafted in the heart of Europe with unmatched experience and attention to detail

Thermo Spruce + Thermo Aspen

Thermo Spruce walls + Thermo Aspen floors create a harmonious blend of strength, beauty & luxury​

40mm Timber

A superior thickness that ensures your sauna retains heat efficiently with added durabability

Free Extras

Over $1100 value in extras added to your order at no cost:
Roof shingles + cornice, 2x LED wall lights with switch, Black exterior finish

ThermoBarrel Sauna

Due to popular demand – new stock is on its way. Limited availability selling fast!

Secure your Thermo Barrel. Enquire today.

Type: Outdoor/Indoor, Traditional Hot-Rocks, Electric or Wood Burning

  • Available with or without porch, changing room. See below.
  • Multiple size options suitable from 2 to 8 people.
  • Roof shingles included (pictured above is PVC roofing – we supply superior bitumen hexagonal roof shingles for Australian climate).
  • Panoramic rear window (pictured above) is available as an optional add-on.

Experience the Ultimate Barrel Sauna crafted from Thermo Wood. Indulge in luxury and sophistication with this sleek and spacious design.

These barrel saunas boasts thicker walls and unparalleled insulation and stability, crafted from 40mm Nordic Thermo Spruce and premium Thermo Aspen flooring. With the lightweight and structural benefits of thermowood compared to traditional wood, transportation and installation are a breeze.

Heater sold separately. We have a quality range to choose from. Delivery and installation not included in price.

Select from the following options:

Note: all prices ex GST

GARDA by Auroom

Garda by Auroom

Limited stock available soon – enquire today

Available for a quick delivery

Type: Outdoor/Indoor, Traditional Hot-Rocks, Electric

This quality traditional hot-rocks sauna is imported from Europe by SDS Australia for its quality build and amazing architectural looks. Drawing parallels to the Nativa model, Garda encapsulates a sense of peace and rejuvenation.

The aluminium frame of the Garda ensures toughness and durability, making them perfectly suited for extreme environments. Inside, the sauna is illuminated by premium LED lighting, casting a gentle, inviting glow. Garda’s interior boasts smooth, radiant thermo-aspen, beautifully marrying comfort with quality in a minimalist style.

Every unit is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, employing premium-grade materials. The emphasis on design and quality resonates with the ethos of SDS Australia.

Dimensions Finish Choice End Of Summer Sale
W:2230 x D:2230 x H:2530
Thermo pine

$34,700 $30,100 ex GST

Exclusions: Heater, Delivery, Labour for assembly/install

Harvia Legend Sauna

Harvia Legend Sauna Range

Electric: $29,000 + GST
Wood-fired: $29,800 + GST

Stock available! Only 1 left

Type: Outdoor/Indoor, Traditional Hot-Rocks, Electric or Wood Burning

This modern sauna built in Finland to highest standards honors old Finnish traditions and includes all the elements that make sauna and sauna-bathing beyond relaxing and magical. The dark modern interior of the Harvia Legend sauna makes it a truly special place to enjoy and relax. The large and spectacular panoramic window offers endless opportunities to absorb the view while using a sauna.

The sauna comes as a ready-made on-site module, with plug-and-play electricity connections. The Legend sauna includes pre-installed, atmospheric LED lights and liftable benches which makes cleaning the sauna easy. This luxurious sauna includes Harvia Legend heaters; Legend Pro PE11, 11 kW for the electric version and WK240 for the wood fire burning one.

Smoke gray glass door with magnetic lock. 

Window material: Double-glazed glass (8 mm + 6 mm tempered glass), space between glasses 8 mm filled with Argon gas.

Dimensions: 2250 width x height 2550 mm x 2300 depth

Delivered assembled (heater and chimney is installed on site).

Why Harvia?

With any Harvia saunas you can expect quality craftsmanship, a well thought-through design and many years of frequent use as these saunas made in Finland are built to last. Harvia being the global leader in the sauna market stands by its reputation, the warranty and the service! We quite often have customers coming back to us to buy a Harvia sauna after they’ve bought a cheap look-alike that created nothing but trouble. Just a word of advice from SDS Australia is to ask ‘Where is it made?’ before you commit to buying a sauna.

See more information at Harvia

Harvia Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Harvia Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Price: $10,347

Stock is on its way

Type: Indoor, Infrared

The Spectrum is a beautifully cladded premium European made infrared sauna from Harvia of Finland. Harvia being a ‘Rolls Royce’ brand in the sauna world has designed this two-person infrared cabin with the most discerning clients in mind. The expensive ultra-modern exterior complements the beauty of a high-quality Hemlock pine timber interior built to last. No expense has been spared in combining the extra-large carbon crystal heater panels with other high quality materials, all certified to the highest European standards. Seven heating panels will heat your body from within using infrared rays, which are low on the EMF scale. You can dim the lights or change their colour, listen to your favourite music using the Bluetooth speakers, or simply relax against the ergonomic backrest. Adjust the temperature, time, and more with the digital control panel.

Hemlock conifer timber offers amazing physical properties. It’s optimal for the demanding sauna use as it grows harder with age and possesses great wear resistance.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 1350W x 1050D x 1950H
  • Infrared Radiators:
    – 2x350W full spectrum radiators for the back
    – 2x380W infrared panels on the side
    – 1x350W infrared panel for legs
    – 1x220W infrared panels on the back
    – 1x75W for feet
  • Chromatherapy lights
  • Built-in speakers. Support for Bluetooth, FM and USB
  • Built-in control panel to adjust temperature, lights, time etc.

See more information at Harvia

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