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Premium European Alder Cladding – Heat Treated (STP)

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Premium European Alder – Heat Treated (STP) with a profile size of 68mm x 15mm is ideal for those who prioritize a combination of ecological responsibility, aesthetic elegance, and long-lasting performance in their sauna design.

Walls, Ceiling


The Premium European Alder –  Heat Treated (STP) in a 68mm x 15mm profile is an outstanding material choice for sauna construction, combining durability, aesthetic appeal, and environmental sustainability. This high-quality wood is sourced from responsibly managed European forests, ensuring an eco-friendly option for your sauna project.

Key Features:

  • Profile Size: Each plank is crafted to be 68mm wide and 15mm thick, ideal for creating a robust and elegant sauna interior.
  • Heat Treatment: The alder wood undergoes a specialized heat treatment process (STP), significantly enhancing its durability and resistance to the humid and hot conditions typical in saunas.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Known for its fine texture and subtle grain, European Alder provides a visually appealing interior with a warm and inviting ambience.
  • Enhanced Stability: The heat treatment process increases the wood’s dimensional stability, minimizing the potential for warping or shrinking under varying sauna temperatures and humidity.
  • Eco-Friendly: Sourced from sustainable European forests, the use of this wood supports environmentally responsible practices.
  • Health Benefits: With no chemical treatments involved, it offers a safe and natural choice for sauna users, aligning with health and safety standards.
  • Low Maintenance: The durability and natural properties of heat-treated alder ensure that it requires minimal maintenance, retaining its quality and appearance over time.

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