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Premium European Aspen Cladding – Heat Treated (Kyte-S)

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The Premium European Aspen – Heat Treated (Kyte-S) in a 60mm x 15mm profile is an excellent choice for crafting high-quality saunas. Ideal for those who value a blend of ecological sustainability, modern design elegance, and lasting durability.

Walls, Ceiling


The Premium European Aspen – Heat Treated (Kyte-S) with a profile size of 60mm x 15mm represents a superior choice for sauna construction, marrying top-tier quality, modern design, and a commitment to environmental stewardship. Sourced from sustainable forests in Europe, it ensures an eco-conscious selection for your sauna.

Key Features:

  • Profile Dimensions: Crafted to be 60mm wide and 15mm thick, these planks offer a contemporary and streamlined look, enhancing the sauna’s interior aesthetics.
  • Kyte-S Heat Treatment: This specialized process significantly increases the wood’s durability, making it exceptionally suitable for the demanding conditions of a sauna environment.
  • Aesthetic Quality: European Aspen, known for its bright, light colour and smooth texture, imparts a fresh, airy feel, contributing to a tranquil sauna atmosphere.
  • Longevity: The Kyte-S heat treatment not only bolsters resistance to moisture and temperature variations but also extends the lifespan of the wood in sauna settings.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Sourced from responsibly managed European forests, the use of this wood aligns with eco-friendly building practices.
  • Health and Safety: Being free from chemical treatments, Premium European Aspen offers a safe, non-toxic option for sauna users, ensuring a healthy experience.
  • Dimensional Stability: The heat treatment ensures the wood maintains its size and shape, effectively resisting warping and shrinking under varying sauna conditions.
  • Easy Maintenance: Known for its low maintenance needs, it retains its pristine condition and functionality over time with minimal care.

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