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Premium European Alder Bench Board

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The Premium European Alder in the 90mm x 21mm profile is an ideal choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of style, sustainability, and durability in their sauna construction.

90mm x 21mm


The Premium European Alder in a 90mm x 21mm profile is an outstanding material choice for sauna construction, blending superb quality, aesthetic appeal, and environmental sustainability. Sourced from sustainable European forests, it offers a responsible and durable option for your sauna project.

Key Features:

  • Profile Dimension: Each plank is meticulously crafted to be 90mm wide and 21mm thick, providing a sturdy and elegant finish suitable for high-quality sauna interiors.
  • Aesthetic Quality: European Alder is known for its fine texture and subtle, even grain, lending a warm and inviting look to your sauna.
  • Durability: This wood is highly regarded for its strength and longevity, making it an ideal choice for enduring the humid and hot conditions typical in saunas.
  • Eco-Friendly: Sourced from responsibly managed forests, choosing European Alder contributes to environmentally conscious building practices.
  • Insulation Properties: Alder’s natural insulating abilities help in maintaining consistent temperatures within the sauna, promoting energy efficiency.
  • Stability: The wood is known for its excellent dimensional stability, reducing the risk of warping or shrinking under varied sauna conditions.
  • Health and Safety: Free from harmful chemicals and treatments, it ensures a safe and natural environment for sauna users.
  • Low Maintenance: European Alder is easy to care for, maintaining its appearance and structural integrity over time with basic maintenance.
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