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Premium European Aspen Bench Board – Heat Treated

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The Premium European Aspen – Heat Treated is more than just wood cladding; it’s an element that unites durability, comfort, and visual appeal, enhancing the overall experience of your sauna space.



The Premium European Aspen – Heat Treated offers a resilient and visually appealing wood cladding choice for saunas. Its naturally light colouration, ranging from creamy white to pale yellow with soft brown undertones, is further enriched by the heat treatment process (HT), yielding a warm, honey-like colour that accentuates the wood’s fine grain patterns. This results in a serene and aesthetically pleasing environment, conducive to relaxation and rejuvenation in your sauna.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal: The HT process deepens the wood’s natural colour to a warm, honeyed tone, emphasizing its delicate grain.
  • Uniform Light Color: Ranging from creamy white to pale yellow, adding a fresh, calming ambience.
  • Knot-Free Comfort: Smooth surface that remains comfortable to touch, even at high sauna temperatures.
  • Ample Coverage: It offers comprehensive coverage for sauna walls and benches, ensuring a unified look.
  • Durable for Sauna Use: Specifically treated for increased resistance to the heat and humidity typical in saunas.
  • Relaxation-Enhancing Atmosphere: The wood’s natural beauty and warmth contribute to a tranquil sauna experience.

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