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Sauna – The place of peace and relaxation

For Finns the sauna is a holy place, where quarrelling, shouting or swearing is totally inappropriate. The sauna is a place of tranquillity. The sauna plays an important role in Finnish society. The sauna is a place where the basis for negotiations or agreements is created, in a positive atmosphere and at all levels of society. Furthermore, agreements made in the sauna will hold, in business life as well. The one who breaks a promise made in the sauna, will lose face. The sauna also unifies families – in Finland, the whole family often goes to the sauna together. Harvia is the leading manufacturer of saunas in Finland. Harvia is proud of its roots deep in the Finnish sauna expertise, the age-old tradition with nature healers, famous ancient wizards and shamans. All Harvia panelled saunas are made of slowly grown, tough Northern softwood, spruce or pine. The trees have been felled in accordance with strict environmental standards. The live surface of the wood in Harvia saunas is an essential part of the enjoyment. The wooden surface is beautiful and soothing.

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