At SDS Australiabesides being able to make a custom sauna door of any size and design, we also have a large selection of wooden and glass sauna doors for sale at great prices! 
All our doors for sale come only from reputable European manufacturers such as Harvia Finland. And this is for a good reason as the heat and humidity of a sauna put great demands on the doors. This means that the sauna doors must be able to withstand high temperatures, splashes of water, and be secure and safe to use. Unlike other look-alike manufacturers that also sell sauna doors, our time-tested suppliers such as Harvia produce quality sauna doors that have been specifically developed for saunas. You can be rest assured that our doors will open and shut smoothly and follow all the safety guidelines. You can also be 100% confident that only suitable non-toxic timber has been used. Or if you are looking for the steam room door, then many of our doors can also be used for this purpose! 

Remember that we can design you a custom door suited for your particular needs or you can select from some of the options below that we normally stock here in Australia. We also stock sauna door handles. Otherwise feel free to browse Harvia’s website for more ideas as we are able to air-freight these doors to Australia and New Zealand at 2 weeks notice!

SDS Australia


The full-glass sauna doors are made from tempered glass and a high-quality laminated wood door frame.

The glass can come in the following colours: bronze, grey, bright, silkscreen, silkscreen-matte, silkscreen with three bright horizontal stripes, satin.

Glass thickness: 8 mm. 
Frame: alder, heat-treated aspen, knot-free pine.

CodeArticleGlass measurement
Door’s external dimensions
6×19SD 619520×1800 mm590×1836 mm
7×19SD 719620×1800 mm690×1836 mm
8×20SD 820720×1900 mm790×1936 mm
SDS Australia


Saunadoor SAILOR wooden, spruce, aspen, western red cedar.

CodeDoor’s external imensions
8×19790×1900 mm
7×19690×1900 mm

Can be custom made in your size and design!

SDS Australia


Saunadoor wooden spruce, aspen, western red cedar.

Code  Door’s external dimensions
8×19 790×1900 mm
6×19 690×1900 mm

Can be custom made in your size and design!