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Harvia Legend Sauna (Electric or Wood-fired)

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Exquisitely designed by Mika Pitkänen, the Harvia Legend sauna epitomises luxury with its plug-and-play, pre-assembled convenience and available in both electric and wood-fired configurations. Crafted for those who seek a serene and visually stunning sauna experience.

Atmospheric LED lights
Pre-built, plug and plug setup
Panoramic Window:
Smoky gray tempered glass
2250 x 2550 x 2300
Sauna volume:


This modern sauna built in Finland to the highest standards honours old Finnish traditions and includes all the elements that make sauna and sauna-bathing beyond relaxing and magical. The dark modern interior of the Harvia Legend sauna makes it a truly special place to enjoy and relax. The large and spectacular panoramic window offers endless opportunities to absorb the view while using a sauna.

The sauna comes as a ready-made on-site module, with plug-and-play electricity connections. The Legend sauna includes pre-installed, atmospheric LED lights and liftable benches which makes cleaning the sauna easy. This luxurious sauna includes Harvia Legend heaters; Legend Pro PE11, 11 kW for the electric version and WK240 for the wood fire-burning one.

Key Features:

  • Traditional Finnish Design with Modern Twist: Merges classic sauna elements with a contemporary aesthetic.
  • Panoramic Window: Offers expansive views, adding to the immersive sauna experience. Double-glazed glass (8 mm + 6 mm tempered glass), space between glasses 8 mm filled with Argon gas.
  • Ready-Made On-Site Module: Simplifies installation with a pre-built structure and plug-and-play electrical setup.
  • Pre-installed LED Lighting: Creates an atmospheric ambience within the sauna.
  • Liftable Benches for Easy Cleaning: Ensures convenient maintenance and hygiene.
  • Luxurious Harvia Legend Heaters: The high-powered Legend Pro PE11 (11 kW) for electric models and the WK240 for wood-burning options are included.

Delivered assembled (heater and chimney are installed on site).

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