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Harvia Cilindro PC E

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The Harvia Cilindro E is more than just a heater; it’s a centerpiece of the sauna experience, offering both visual appeal and customizable functionality to cater to a wide range of preferences.

320 x 320 x 930 mm
Install location:
Stainless steel
External control (sold seperately)
Power supply:
High voltage 400V/230V 1/3N~
Rock capacity:
80kg (sold separately)
Rock size:
5 to 10 cm diameter


The Harvia Cilindro E electric heater is notable for its substantial stone capacity, which plays a crucial role in its functionality. The unique design featuring a grate-like outer shell allows users to customize their steam experience: achieve gentle steam by sprinkling water on the sides of the heater, or create more intense steam by pouring water directly onto the top of the stone column.

Key Features:

  • Large Stone Quantity: Holds a significant amount of stones, ensuring a rich and balanced sauna experience.
  • Adjustable Steam Quality: Offers the flexibility to produce either soft or sharp steam based on how water is applied.
  • Grate-Like Design: Enhances the sauna’s aesthetic appeal while also contributing to its steam-producing efficiency.
  • Personalized Sauna Experience: Allows each user to tailor the steam to their preference, enhancing the overall sauna session.
  • Visually Striking: An impressive addition to any sauna, combining form and function.

Note: Control panel sold separately and not included. When it comes to external control panels, you can choose between the Harvia C Series C150, Xenio CX110, and Xenio CX170. All control units are versatile, as they can be installed inside or outside the sauna room.

Sauna rocks are sold separately and not included. Using non-Harvia sauna rocks might introduce contaminants to the heater, potentially causing damage that the Harvia warranty won’t cover. While we have a variety of sauna rocks available for purchase, Harvia Olivine Diabase, and Harvia Black Vulcanite are highly recommended for these heaters.

Additional Technical data
 Warranty Professional  12 months
 Warranty Community  12 months
 Warranty Consumer  24 months
 Installation Orientation  Vertically
 Max temperature  60 °C
 Stone sizes  5 to 10 cm diameter
 Stone amount (kg)  PC70E: 80 kg                         PC90E: 90 kg
 Net Weight  PC70E: 7.7 kg                         PC90E: 7.9 kg
 IP Class  IPX4
 Electrical Frequency  50/60 Hz
 Fuses (400V3N~) pcs x     ampers  PC70E: 3 x 10 A                     PC90E: 3 x 16 A
 Fuse (230V1N~)               ampers  PC70E: 1 x 35 A                     PC90E: 1 x 40 A
 Supply cable                     (400V 3N~) mm2  PC70E: 5 x 1.5                       PC90E: 5 x 2.5
 Supply cable                     (230V 1N~) mm2
 PC70E: 3 x 6                           PC90E: 3 x 10
 Electrical group               options  400V 3N~
Logistic data
 PC70E: 6410082610020         PC90E: 6410082610037
 Electrical number (STK)  PC70E: 8261002                   PC90E: 8261003
 Customs tariff                 number EU  85162999
 ETIM number  EC001884
 UNSPSC number  40101800
 Packaging materials  Cardboard
 Package height  975 mm
 Package width  330 mm
 Package depth  330 mm
 Gross weight  PC70E: 9.1 kg                         PC90E: 9.3 kg
 Plastic weight  0.02 kg
 Cardboard weight  1.35 kg
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