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Rocks for Heater – Box 15kg – Rounded Under 10cm (To Suit Spirit of Loyly)

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Rounded Olivine Diabase Sauna Heater Stones are more than just heating elements; they are crafted to enhance the sauna experience, blending the beauty of nature with the functionality of modern sauna technology.

5-10 cm
Stone Type:
Olivine diabase
Net weight:
14.87 kg


Rounded Olivine Diabase Sauna Heater Stones are designed to mimic the smooth, natural stones found in rapid streams. Their unique shape facilitates a gentle steam approach, as water smoothly cascades down to the heater’s lower layers. This increases the water’s contact surface area, producing a more abundant yet softer steam. These rounded stones are versatile and suitable for the top layer of all types of sauna heaters.

Key Features:

  • Nature-Inspired Design: The stones’ rounded shape is inspired by natural river stones, adding an organic touch to your sauna.
  • Soft Steam Generation: Their form allows for an even distribution of water, leading to a softer, more pleasant steam.
  • Efficient Water Flow: The rounded shape ensures water flows smoothly, reaching more stones and maximizing steam production.
  • Universal Compatibility: Suitable for use in all sauna heater types as a top-layer stone.
  • Enhanced Sauna Experience: Contributes to a more relaxing and enjoyable sauna session with its gentle steam output.
  • Authentic Olivine Diabase Material: Made from high-quality Olivine Diabase, known for its heat-retaining properties and durability.

Downloadable Files
Harvia Olivine Diabase – Certificate
Harvia Sauna Accessories – Brochure

Logistic data
 EAN  9120053860831
 Electrical number (STK)  8266413
 Customs tariff                 number EU  25309000
 Customs tariff                 number RU  25161100
 ETIM number  EC001885
 UNSPSC number  40101800
 Packaging materials  Cardboard
 Package height  120 mm
 Package width  280 mm
 Package depth  360 mm
 Gross weight  14.87 kg
 Cardboard weight  0.2 kg

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