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Harvia Legend Smoke Piper Cover

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This cover is not just a practical addition but also elevates the visual appeal of your sauna, aligning with the highest standards of safety and design.

300 x 300 x 560 mm
Install location:


The Harvia Legend Smoke Pipe Cover is an essential accessory designed to enhance the safety and aesthetics of your sauna experience. Crafted from high-quality materials, it serves as a protective barrier around the smoke pipe, offering functionality and style to your sauna setup.

Key Features:

  • Safety Enhancement: Significantly reduces the risk of accidental burns by providing a protective shield around the hot smoke pipe.
  • Durability: Made with robust materials, ensuring longevity and resistance to the high temperatures encountered in sauna environments.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Its sleek design complements the Harvia Legend stoves, enhancing the overall look of your sauna.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for a seamless fit, making it straightforward to install or remove for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Compatibility: Specifically engineered for use with Harvia Legend wood-burning stoves, ensuring a perfect match in terms of design and functionality.

Downloadable Files
Harvia Legend Smoke Piper Cover – User Manual

Additional Technical data
 Warranty Consumer  12 months
 Net weight  4.6 kg
Logistic data
 EAN  6417659012973
 Customs tariff number EU  73219000
 Package height  590 mm
 Package width  325 mm
 Package depth  330 mm
 Gross weight  5.2 kg
 Cardboard weight  0.55 kg
 Plastic weight  0.05 kg

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