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Harvia Full Spectrum Infrared Radiator

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Harvia’s full-spectrum infrared radiators redefine the sauna experience, blending innovative technology with comfort and style, making them an ideal choice for a modern, relaxing sauna environment.

500 W
60 x 180 x 820 mm
Install location:
External control panel (sold seperately)
Made in:
Infrared size:
Cover type:
Heat-resistant glass ceramic


Harvia’s full-spectrum infrared radiators are a superb addition to any infrared cabin or hybrid sauna. These radiators emit a warmth akin to the gentle summer sun, allowing for precise temperature control with one-degree Celsius accuracy. Harvia’s cutting-edge infrared technology, combined with sleek design, offers a luxurious retreat from daily life, providing relaxation, cleanliness, and rejuvenation.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for Infrared Cabins and Hybrid Saunas: Versatile design suitable for various sauna types.
  • Gentle, Sun-Like Warmth: Produces a comfortable warmth, similar to a mild summer day.
  • Precise Temperature Control: Adjust the heat to your preference with one-degree Celsius accuracy.
  • Luxurious and Relaxing: Offers a high-end experience that promotes relaxation and energy.
  • Stylish Design: Complements any sauna design, adding a modern touch.
  • Effective for Spinal Area: This is especially beneficial when focused on the spine for maximum comfort and effectiveness.
  • Customizable with Harvia Backrests: Choose from Harvia’s wide range of backrests to perfectly fit your sauna’s design and enhance comfort.
  • Package Contents: Includes an infrared radiator and a supply cable with a quick connector for easy installation.

Downloadable File
Harvia Full Spectrum Infrared Radiator – User Manual

Additional Technical data
 Warranty Consumer  12 months
 Net weight  7.9 kg
Logistic data
 EAN  9120053860114
 Electrical number (STK)  8261190
 Customs tariff                 number EU  85169000
 Package height  80 mm
 Package width  190 mm
 Package depth  980 mm
 Gross weight  4.051 kg
 Cardboard weight  0.431 kg
 Plastic weight  0.003 kg

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