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Harvia Pro

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The Harvia Pro is more than just a wood-burning heater; it’s a blend of functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, ensuring a premium sauna experience.  

Wood burning
Install location:
Power supply:
Rock capacity:
40kg (sold separately)
Rock size:
5 to 10 cm diameter


The Harvia Pro wood-burning heater is tailored for intense and enjoyable sauna sessions in medium-sized spaces. This heater boasts a spacious stone compartment and a robust steel upper grating. Its cast-iron-framed glass door, revealing the warm glow of the fire, enhances the sauna’s atmosphere. Durability is a key feature, with a solid 10-millimeter-thick fire chamber cover. Additionally, the model is designed with adjustable feet, providing installation flexibility, including the ability to adjust the height of the smoke outlet.

Key Features:

  • Optimized for Medium-Sized Saunas: Specifically designed to deliver a vigorous bathing experience in medium-sized environments.
  • Large Stone Compartment: Allows for ample heat storage and efficient heat distribution.
  • Steel Upper Grating: Adds to the heater’s durability and performance.
  • Ambient Cast-Iron-Framed Glass Door: Offers a view of the fire, contributing to the sauna’s ambience.
  • Sturdy Fire Chamber Cover: The 10-mm thickness ensures long-lasting use and resilience.
  • Adjustable Feet for Easy Installation: Enhances the ease of setup and allows for customization of the smoke outlet height.

Note: Sauna rocks are sold separately and not included. Using non-Harvia sauna rocks might introduce contaminants to the heater, potentially causing damage that the Harvia warranty won’t cover. While we have a variety of sauna rocks available for purchase, Harvia Olivine Diabase, and Harvia Black Vulcanite are highly recommended for these heaters.

Additional Technical data
 Warranty Consumer  24 months
 Installation                       Orientation  Vertically
 Primary energy/fuel  Wood
 Net Weight
 PRO20: 58 kg                   PRO26: 57.8 kg                 PRO36: 65.4 kg
 Stone amount  PRO20: 40 kg                   PRO26: 50 kg                   PRO36: 60 kg
Logistic data
 PRO20: 6417659001021                 PRO26: 6410082666829               PRO36: 6410082666836
 Electrical number (STK)  PRO36: 8266683
 Customs tariff                   number EU  73218900
 Packaging materials  Cardboard
 Package height
 PRO20: 780 mm             PRO26: 855 mm             PRO36: 890 mm
 Package width  580 mm
 Package depth
 PRO20: 470 mm             PRO26: 475 mm               PRO36: 560 mm
 Gross weight
 PRO20: 62.3 kg               PRO26: 58.2 kg               PRO36: 65.8 kg


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