SDS Australia Ltd is Australia’s leading company in building of custom-designed traditional “hot rocks” saunas. We build private and commercial (public), indoor and outdoor, prefabricated modular saunas according to your specifications and with account of all your wishes. We build saunas in Sydney,we build saunas in Melbourne, we build saunas in Canberra and Brisbane, we build saunas in countryside around Australia.

Our company also carries out maintenance of existing saunas, warranty repairs, and post-warranty service of saunas.We have not forgotten the DIY enthusiasts either – we offer them quality sauna accessories from European suppliers: heaters, doors, wood for walls and benches and lighting equipment. We can manufacture separate sauna parts and provide any consultation and assistance in building your own sauna

Why are we the best in sauna building?

  • Because for us sauna is a national tradition, we know the sauna and use it since childhood, and we know the great health benefits associated with sauna bathing.
  • Because when we build a sauna we follow the main principle – sauna 
    is medical equipment for improving your health and good spirits; we would like the sauna 
    to become one of the favourite places in your home for your whole family.
  • Because for us sauna building is not just a work but also a favourite art!

What makes our saunas special?

  • It is a combination of your dream of what you would like your sauna to be and our experience and knowledge how to make your dreams come true!
  • It is the best materials what we use in constructions of saunas: Canadian cedar, Finnish spruce and pine, European aspen, abachi (South Africa)
  • It is electric and wood-burning heaters made by Harvia /Finland/, one of the world’s leading sauna heater manufacturers.

Every sauna built by our company has a look of its own, is one of a kind and has absolutely no counterparts!
Contact us and let us help you select a sauna room that is right for you! We will advise you on what type and size is best suited to your needs.